Love alwaysw

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Love alwaysw

We can still remember her as the sweet little girl who sang ‘’Sulangak Wee’’ with seasoned vocalist Edward Jayakody. Though that was some years back, when she was only a 12-year-old, it still seems like yesterday. Soon afterwards, she got the opportunity of starring as Elizabeth Allen in ‘Danga Malla Saha Amuthu Iskole’ in a theater production based on Enid Blyton’s ‘The Naughtiest Girl in School’. It later became a popular TV series with 25 episodes, directed by Nalaka Swarnathilake, aired on Swarnavahini. As a result, she also won an award as the best child actress for her role.

Starting off as a child artiste, she has now become an award winning actress, model and a vocalist. Her singing talent was discovered merely through coincidence, and she has been able to make the best out of it up to now. She needs no further introduction - she is the beautiful Nathasha Perera! Though we mostly know her as an artiste and musician, she is also an Attorney –At- Law who is an example for someone who had pursued and excelled in both an academic and music/acting career. She notes that being a lawyer is her career, and music will be always her passion.

Nathasha also studied music under Nanda Malini. She studied music as an aesthetic subject at her school. She expresses her everlasting gratitude to them for inspiring and guiding her throughout her music career, She fondly remembers her mother, friends and family as well for being a pillar of strength to her She learnt how to play the sitar, and the organ on her own, sparing her free time from her studies mostly on practicing music. Apart from her basic fields, she is also a social media star, who have earned massive popularity for her traditional Sri Lankan garb modeling alongside beauty and lifestyle photo blogging.


Q: How is life treating you these days?


I’m doing good and staying safe. Iam working on a new song which will be released soon on my YouTube channel.


Q: You became mostly known by ‘Sulangak Wee’’ sung with Edward Jayakody . Can you recall that time, establishing yourself in the Music Industry?


I started off as a child artiste. I used to sing at home at a very young age and it was my mother’s idea that I should do it professionally. So in the year 2003 ‘Sulangak Wee’ was produced (music by Rohana Dharmakeerthi/ lyrics by late Ananda hewa ranhindage) and Edward uncle was who we wanted to be the father. He was really nice and accepted our invitation. It was a privilege working with him.


Q: What was your ultimate career goal?


I always wanted to be an academically strong person. I’ve achieved that today. I’m an Attorney by profession.


Q: How did you manage to balance both your studies and extra-curricular activities?


My mother should be credited for that. She was the pillar of my success. She was the strength behind everything I did. Since I was a student at the time, it was vital that my studies were my top priority no matter what extra-curricular activities I did. She made sure I exceled in both.


Q: How was the support from your family, in pursuing your music career?


Endless. Whoever I am today, I owe it to my mother. She was not only my mom, but also my manager, confidante, teacher etc.


Q: Were you inspired by other musicians or artistes during your younger days?


Of course. I was and still am a die-hard fan of Sir Pandith Amaradewa’s creations. Sunil Edirisinghe Sir, Nanda Malini madam were my favourite legends.


Q: Tell us about your acting career.


It was the translated version of Enid Blytons ‘The Naughtiest Girl’ in the school. First it was a radio drama. Then it was created as a stage drama in 2003. I was awarded as the best actress at State Children’s Drama Festival in 2003. And it was created as a tele drama in 2006 and I was awarded the best child actress at the State Television Awards. The director, script writer and creator of these amazing creations were Nalaka Swarnathilake.



Q: Speaking about your profile as an Attorney, how are you proceeding with it at the moment?


I graduated as an LLB graduate from the Royal Institute of Colombo affiliated to the University of London and entered Sri Lanka Law College to complete my Attorneys. I successfully completed all units and examinations and took oaths as an Attorney at law in December 2015.


Q: How would you describe the difference between your legal career and acting and modelling career?


Being a lawyer is my career and music will always be my passion.


Q: What is your role as a TV presenter and a social media influencer?


I’m really glad to receive so many positive reviews and responses from my fans. I was actually inactive on social media for a long time while I was in Australia. However, since the time I started engaging on social media platforms I’ve been receiving lots of love. I’m forever grateful to my fans.


Q: How is everything going on with the current pandemic situation and how are you managing?


I am managing well. Of course, we are facing a pandemic and it’s our responsibility to be safe and follow the necessary health guidelines. This is our responsibility towards mankind.


Q: Is there anyone whom you would like to thank for their support out there?


A big thank you goes out to everyone who supported me from the very beginning of my journey - my friends, family, my biggest supporters, my fans... Keep loving me as you’ve done always.


Q: Looking back at your journey as vocalist, actress and a model, whilst having a legal career, how do you feel?


I feel content, happy and proud. Of course, I would never have achieved all of that without the support of my mom and people around me. So I’m eternally grateful for all of them.


Q: Anything new coming up soon?



A new video will be out soon on my YouTube channel. I am looking forward to doing more projects for my fans in the future.

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