Utmost caution about my security - AKD

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National People’s Power (NPP) MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake said he was more concerned about his personal security than ever before.

He said this in response to questions being raised in Parliament yesterday regarding an unidentified person wearing a helmet who had got into his vehicle near Parliament on Tuesday during the protest.

He told Parliament, “Listen patiently and I will explain the incident. When I was leaving Parliament a group of protestors surrounded my vehicle and I told them that what they are saying today is what I had said 10 or 15 years ago. There were murders being carried out in broad daylight, but to date no perpetrator has been found. Many were assaulted but so far no one has been arrested. When all these incidents took place the Defence Secretary was Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

He is now the President. Hence, we have ample experience regarding him. Therefore, we have taken measures to ensure our security. You may think that we travel around freely without protection. But, every time I am traveling in my vehicle, many of our party’s comrades are out there ensuring my protection.Did you think I was foolish enough to just give my neck? This is the reason that those who attacked us with eggs were arrested so fast.”

Dissanayake said that they too take precautions before they step out.“Prior to leaving parliament I notified my comrades that I was leaving and asked several of them to be on standby. Accordingly, they were there. I will do the same tomorrow. We will not simply allow anyone to take away our lives,” he added.

“These people might be thinking that it would be possible to target us while we are travelling in our vehicles and take our lives. That’s why several of my Party members were providing security on motorcycles. One of them came and got into the vehicle. So, what’s the problem? It was one of my security members who got into my vehicle wearing a helmet. There was a drizzle and so he got into my vehicle,” Dissanayake said.

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Utmost caution about my security - AKD

He said this in response to questions being raised in Parliament yesterday regarding an unidentified person wearing a helmet

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